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A Small World Cup


About A Small World Cup

Play A Small World Cup, a fun and exciting small soccer game where you can choose your favourite national team to play and try to become the new championship.

History of the game

A Small World Cup (ASWC), also known as Small World Cup, is an award-winning mobile soccer game developed by Rujo Games. The game is set in a small soccer tournament with unique features, adorable ragdoll characters, intuitive controls, and exciting gameplay. The player must control a doll to score a goal against the opponent. The game has won many awards, including IGN Italy's "Best Mobile Game" award in 2013. This casual soccer game inspired by the 1998 World Cup continues to be updated with new features, attracting over 100 million players worldwide.

Why call it "A Small World Cup"?

Whether you are a football fan or not, the World Cup is the biggest football tournament in the world. In this game, all the national football teams from all over the world will compete together to find the champion. Of course, remaking it into an online tournament for sports and football lovers is challenging.

So, A Small World Cup was launched to become a mini-tournament for gamers who enjoy soccer game. Unlike the real-world tournament held every 4 years, A Small World Cup lets you join the fun anytime and compete against players worldwide.

A Small World Cup Clubs

You can become a member of any team you want. Choose your favorite national team from all the best playing teams in the world, including Brazil, France, Argentina, and more! Wear the shirt you are always proud of and play hard to bring glory. Become a member of your favorite team, wear their shirt, and bring them glory in the mini-tournament.

The Game's Rules

It is a soccer game, but each team has only one player who will take on the role of both a goalkeeper, a striker, and a defender. Therefore, failure or success, it's all up to you. This fast-paced soccer game features chaotic yet charming ragdoll characters, requiring quick thinking and precise controls.

These characters will move quite chaotically. Consequently, you need to clearly understand how they drive and control them gently and decisively when necessary. Each time you reach a goal, you will receive one point. But the important thing is winning, so remember to defend and attack!

Matches in A Small World Cup game will last at least 90 seconds. The team scoring the most goals winning. If tied, the game continues until a winner emerges.

Players need to choose their team and randomly select opponents to start the game. You can choose any country in which you would like to participate in the match. Each match, you will face a different national football team. Unlike other soccer games, each team has only one person participating in the match. Players will control the ragdoll to perform classy shots into the opponent's net. Try to score as many balls as possible to have a chance to win. You win, the game continues, and you meet the others on the following days, a match and a final match to find the champion. If you lose, the game ends and starts again from the beginning.

Attacking And Defensive Strategies to Win!

Although it's A Small World Cup game, controlling your character in this game is not too difficult. You need to use your computer mouse to drag and navigate your character. Run forward, jump to attack, score, and pull the arrow back to prevent enemies from scoring. Besides there are 2 strategies for players to enjoy this game:

Attack strategy: The attack strategy involves proactively controlling your character to score, requiring precision and powerful kicks. Drag the mouse towards the opponent's goal and shoot hard and upward so the opponent cannot defend the ball in time. When release the mouse, the puppet will fly up gently and hit the ball. Make the ragdoll kick the ball into the goal easier. This ragdoll game is quite interesting.

Defensive strategy: The defensive strategy focuses on waiting for opponent mistakes and seizing opportunities to score. Sometimes, attacking too much will be counterproductive in this game. Players should focus on playing defensively besides attack, waiting for your opponent to make mistakes. This strategy requires you to firmly grasp the opportunity and take advantage of it as soon as your opponent makes a mistake.

What do the players talk about?

nikolasacedo1578: A Small World Cup is one of the best soccer games with easy and fast-paced gameplay.

DonaldMugshot: This game is exciting. I can play online and against other players with multiple matches.

mr.nobody2383: You can tell when it's a bot because they will only agree to 1 rematch if you win or lose! The match is harder when you play against real people, and you will play multiple matches, win or lose!

kaankaraca475: I won the A Small World Cup with Portugal also, I got Ronaldo.

viktorijapuniene6537: I love to play against France, and I won easily.