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Soccer Caps Game


Instructions for playing Soccer Caps Game

In the Soccer Caps Game, players will control a soccer team using the buttons on the table. The player's task is to score more goals than the opponent to win. Choose your favorite team, then use your mouse or touchpad to maneuver your players strategically across the field, aiming for that all-important goal. Control and precision are your allies in this game, so aim true and become the soccer champion! Don't rush your moves - wait for the perfect moment to strike! Study your opponent's tactics and use your insights to plan a clever counter-attack.

Tips for playing effectively

  • Use the buttons correctly to control your player
  • Upgrade your players to increase their scoring ability
  • Take advantage of players' special skills to score goals more easily


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Strategic Gameplay
  • Diverse Teams
  • Simple controls
  • Slick 3D visuals