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Retro Goal


Retro Goal is a sports game that combines arcade gameplay and team management. The game is set in the 1990s, with 2D pixel art graphics and nostalgic gameplay.

How to play Retro Goal?

Choosing Your Team

Start by picking a team from the top leagues. Will you go for a powerhouse like Barcelona or the underdog that might surprise everyone? The choice is yours. Add the best players to your squad and get ready to conquer the football world. There are around 500 teams to choose from, including the top dogs from the English leagues. Can you take your team to the pinnacle of success? In addition to playing more soccer games, you can play A Small World Cup to participate in funny and interesting puppet matches.

Earning Coins and Building Your Empire

These coins are your golden ticket to upgrading facilities and making your team better and stronger. You can even use them to hire staff who will help your players reach new heights. Starting with limited resources, you'll quickly learn the ropes and turn your team into a powerhouse.

Team training

Train up new players, or if they don't fit your game plan, ship them away. It's all about making strategic moves and turning your team into a force to be reckoned with.

How to controls

  • Press Shift to enter the main screen.
  • Press Shift to select the game mode.
  • Press Enter to enter the tutorial.

Player Controls

  • Press the keys to move.
  • Press A to shoot the ball.
  • Press B to pass (pass).
  • Press C to shoot short (short kick).
  • Press A + B to kick the heel (heel up).

Goalie Controls

  • Press A to slide (sliding).
  • Press B to catch the ball (tackle).
  • Use the arrow keys to select a team, and press X to confirm your selection.

Text Selection

  • Use the arrow keys to select text.
  • Press X to deselect.

Tips and How to Play Guide

Invest in Forwards

When using your bucks to upgrade your team, prioritize buying forwards. They are the game's focal point, offering more opportunities to score goals. This early investment in forwards can give your team an immediate boost.

Flexible Configuration

Maintain a flexible team configuration to allow players to adjust easily. This reduces players' chances of being out of position and ensures they positively impact the game.

Player Condition Matters

Check your players' condition before hitting the field. Ensuring they are in match-fit condition prevents poor performances on the pitch. Keep an eye on player fitness to maximize their effectiveness.

Sign Young Talent

Focus on younger, highly talented players when adding new players to your team. They provide additional years of prime performance. Research the players before signing to make informed and wise decisions.

Attribute Enhancement

As your players level up, don't forget to enhance their attributes. Keeping track of these improvements can significantly benefit your team's overall performance.