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Penalty Kick


Penalty kick is an attractive sports soccer game. You will play the role of a professional soccer player and try to score goals into your opponent's goal.

Description of the game Penalty Kick

  • Different from the gameplay of A Small World Cup, in this game you will be able to play in two capacities. You can play as a player or as a goalkeeper. As a player, you need to click and drag the mouse in the direction a ball is aiming at, then you release the mouse to shoot the ball into the net. As a goalkeeper, you will flexibly move the mouse left and right to block the ball from entering the net.
  • The game has 32 countries for you to freely choose according to your preferences. For example, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Argentina, and many other countries around the world. With the many attractive options that the game offers, you will definitely be fascinated by this addictive sports game. To win you need to score as many goals as possible. After five rounds, whoever scores the most goals will be the winner.

Game mode

Play mode with robots

In this mode, you will practice with the robot at a basic level. You will learn a lot of basic kicking and blocking skills. There's a robot training match for you. Try to complete them well so you can open the next matches in turn.

Two player mode

  • In this mode, you will be challenged online with real players. You can be connected randomly or create a match room to challenge the opponent you want to play.
  • When playing online you can earn achievements by gaining XP, leveling up, and showing off your rank in weekly online leaderboards. You can save online soccer matches in the history section. When you gain trophies and achievements you can use them to unlock many interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Understand the rules of the game

Football player

  • As a player, you have 15 times to shoot the ball into the opponent's net and try to score as many balls as possible. Take advantage of your inherent opportunities intelligently to win the game. The challenges will increase, and there will be more goalkeepers making it difficult for you to shoot the ball into the net. Try to use the skills you have to win. You will have to compete with other players continuously for 5 rounds to be able to conclude who wins.
  • The trick for you is to use XP to upgrade your player's power. There is one thing to note when you control the ball, the farther you pull the ball, the faster the ball flies. Be careful to aim the ball accurately so you don't miss any balls flying out.


In this position, you need to try to move flexibly so that you can catch the opponent's ball and not let it fall into your net. Be confident with professional ball catches to become a talented ball catching expert. Catching the ball well can help your team win the match. Don't underestimate this position because it can really determine your opponent's victory or defeat. If you also love football games, you can play A Small World Cup to experience more exciting gameplay in this game.