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Super Goal


Introducing Super Goal

Super Goal is a stickman style soccer game. The player draws a line on the screen to determine the ball's trajectory based on length and direction. The game puts the player in the role of a stickman soccer player trying to score a goal. The player controls his player by drawing a line on the screen. The longer the path, the stronger the kick. Players must carefully calculate the shot angle and shot force to score a goal.

How to Play

  • Pick your favorite team from countries like Brazil, Spain, or Italy. Each team has its own unique style. Who will you play for?
  • Time to make your player stand out! Choose the perfect hairstyle, jersey, and accessories to create a player that represents you on the field.
  • Now that your player is all set, it's time to hit the field! The game goes back and forth - you and your opponent take turns trying to score goals and defend your net.
  • When it's your turn to shoot, aim your shot by moving your mouse or tapping your screen. Click or tap to kick the ball. Score a goal, earn points, and get closer to victory!
  • When it's your opponent's turn, use your mouse or finger to move your goalkeeper and block shots. Stop them from scoring to earn points and show off your goalkeeping skills!