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3D Free Kick


Description of the game 3D Free Kick

3D Free Kick is an intense online soccer sports game. You will participate in World Cup matches and try to create as many penalty kicks as possible to win. You are like a famous player full of professional soccer skills. Every kick you make into the net will have many spectators cheering and praising your talent. Don't disappoint everyone and show all your abilities in each match.

How to control the ball

To control the ball you need to touch the screen and swipe the ball towards the direction you want it to fly and release the mouse. Get into the corners of the goal and kick the ball to have a chance to score more goals.

Tips for kicking the ball into goal

  • Take a deep breath to gain composure and confidence to step onto the football field. Try not to kick the ball over the fence, otherwise you won't get points. The more points you score, the better your chances of winning.
  • Your standing angle to kick the ball is quite far and has a variety of standing angles, not standing straight towards the goal, so it is quite difficult to put the ball into the net. You will easily be caught by the goalkeeper when you do not have strong and special shots. Kick the ball into difficult angles for the goalkeeper so that the goalkeeper cannot catch your ball. In this game, there is no time calculation like Soccer Random, so you can completely calm down to aim and angle the ball into the net. The better your shots, the more points you will get.
  • You will have a certain number of balls. If you score the ball correctly, you will preserve the number of balls you have. If you let the ball fall out of the net, you will get no points and also lose a ball. The game will end when you use up all the balls you have. At the end of each match you will receive rewards such as the number of points you achieved and trophies. Try and concentrate to the best of your ability to show the bravery of a real football player.