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Soccer Skills World Cup


Conquer tournaments in the Soccer Skills World Cup

If you love online soccer games then you can choose Soccer Skills World Cup. Choose your favorite national football team and try to win for your team. The game has a total of 20 different countries for you to choose from. When playing this game you can play online soccer matches to compete with many other players around the world. Do your best to get to the finals and win the championship. This is an extremely attractive 3D simulated football game that gives players exciting gameplay such as throw-ins, corner kicks, fouls, and penalties.

Guide play

Objective of the game

  • The goal of the game is to win matches and improve your team's ranking. Try to score more goals than the opposing team. When you start playing you need to choose a national football team that you love just like playing A Small World Cup. Prepare yourself mentally and use all your inherent soccer skills to win. Reaching the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals is not easy. You need to try your best compared to other players. Try your best to achieve the results you want.
  • You can perform ball movements such as shooting, passing, dribbling,... to score goals. You can also use support items, such as red cards, and yellow cards,... to help your team increase the chances of winning matches. When you win matches, you can move on to the next round and continue the battle with opponents with more soccer skills.
  • When the ball is in front of an opponent on your team, you will control the ball according to that character without having to control all players on your team. This will make the game more fluid and easier to control the ball.

How to control the player's character

You just need to drag the mouse in the direction you want the character to move, release the mouse and the ball will be released. The level of your pull will represent the power of the player character's shot on the ball.

Game modes

Practice mode

In this mode for those new to soccer, you can practice it easily in this mode. You will learn basic soccer techniques to help you score goals more easily.

Play Cup mode

When you practice well, you can play it in two-team soccer matches. You can improve your soccer skills even better. And you can compete in tournaments and get trophies when you reach the finals of this mode.

Multiplayer Mode

  • In this mode, you can interact with many other players around the world in the online system. You will expand your skills and improve your soccer skills when playing with many players online. Note that support items can help you win, but use them wisely to avoid being wasted.
  • Instead of having to play alone on the field in a team like the other two modes, this mode allows you to play in a team with many other players around the world like you play football in real life. The feeling of having a football exchange is truly wonderful and thrilling. Work with your players to come up with specific strategies to defeat your opponents. Matches in multiplayer mode require points to be purchased, so you need to consider having enough points to be able to participate in the match smoothly. That also means that when you complete the task, you will receive extremely valuable rewards.