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Bad Soccer Manager


Information about Bad Soccer Manager

In Bad Soccer Manager, you will play the role of a good coach. Your goal is to train your small team to become better and better in matches.

Introduction to the game

This sports game is a fast-paced soccer game so you need to use both strategy and skills smartly to complete your match well. Every game will have many challenges and make you fail many times. But don't be discouraged by that. Try to practice hard and you will definitely achieve the good results you expect. As a coach you need to equip your team thoroughly before participating in the World Cup.


  • Use the Z, X, and C keys to command your agile goalkeeper and block those incoming shots.
  • Aim your shot with the space bar and tap it again to unleash a powerful kick.

Rule in Bad Soccer Manager

  • Your mission is to coach your team to the top position, which means your team will have to compete with other teams to win this position. All other teams also have strategies and accumulate a lot of experience in matches. So winning the top position is not easy. Your team may not be very good but having a good coach is extremely important. Each team will have two parts: attack and defense, each position will have different ways of playing and strategies. Help the players on your team understand the rules of the game so they don't violate the rules.
  • From a player's perspective, you will need to determine the angle at which you want to shoot the ball. You need to be aware that there will be defenders on the football field, and pay attention to the time running back to adjust accordingly. Pay attention to the smallest things so you can always shoot the ball accurately every time you shoot the ball into the net. It will take you quite a while to get used to it when you start playing. But if you play a lot, you will get used to it and understand how this interesting game works.
  • As a goalkeeper, you will need to be flexible to block balls from all sides of your opponent. Try to predict the situation of the ball in advance. You can guess where the ball will fly in and jump up to catch the ball without letting it go into the net easily.

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