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Head Soccer 2022


Become an excellent soccer player in Head Soccer 2022

Introduction to the game

Head Soccer 2022 is a soccer game that helps you practice skills and tactics in matches. The character's big head is the weapon that leads to success. The game has two different modes that allow you to unleash your passion. The second mode will be great if you invite your friends to play. When starting the match you can choose your favorite football players. There are up to 10 football players for you to choose from in each battle mode.

Rules of the game when participating

Your goal is to achieve a higher score than your opponent. Each match in practice mode will last 44 seconds. When time runs out, whoever has the most scoring balls will win that match. Use your big head to kick the ball into the net of your strongest and fastest opponent. Makes the opponent unable to block your ball. Each match when playing two players will last 59 seconds. The rules are exactly the same when you play and practice with the CPU. After the time ends, whoever has the most points will win. You can also play Penalty Kick to experience more of the great soccer skills this game brings.

Game modes

1P Arcade mode

In this mode, you will choose any football player character you love and start the match. During the match, you will learn how to play soccer from the CPU. Practice hard and pay attention to how the CPU plays. You will use the arrow keys to move the character. Use the Z and X keys to shoot.

2P Versus mode

In this mode, you can play with your friends on the same keyboard. The first player uses the WASD keys to control the character. Use the N and M keys to shoot. The second player uses the arrow keys to control the character. Use number keys 1 and 2 to shoot.