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Backyard Baseball


Become a professional baseball player

Backyard Baseball is a baseball sports game developed by Humongous Entertainment and first released in October 1997. Try to win and raise your team's ranking.

How to hit a baseball

In this game, you will experience many different soccer fields as you achieve high scores and unlock new soccer fields. You can choose your favorite team. When you start the match you can choose your own character. Levels will have increasing requirements. You must achieve the given score to unlock the next level. You will start with a baseball and always be in an observation position to hit the ball and get the points you need to accumulate.

The farther you hit the ball, the higher your chances of scoring. During the polishing process, there will be periods of x2 points, take advantage of this opportunity to increase your score more quickly. The number of balls and points will be displayed on the top corner screen. If you use up all the balls, the game will end. During this time, try to achieve the score given by the game so you are eligible to unlock new levels.

Control the punch

  • Move the mouse up and down to determine the position
  • Move the mouse left or right to move the character
  • Click to polish

Tips for hitting the ball

  • Pay attention to the faint white ball line of the baseball, it will determine whether the position of the baseball you throw will hit the ball or not. The ball will only fly around the red square, so you just need to control the high and low of the bat to determine where the ball falls.
  • Move the mouse up and down continuously to easily grasp the position of the balloon from afar more easily. Just like how you play soccer in Penalty Kick, you need to jump up and down to keep your posture ready. If you just let the mouse stand still, the chance of catching the ball is extremely low.