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Tap Tap Shots


Description of Tap Tap Shots

Tap Tap Shots is a basketball game that helps you practice professional basketball skills. Try to throw as many balls into the basket as possible. This online basketball game allows you to show off your basketball skills and get on the leaderboard. Try to practice hard every day and show your soccer ability through the number of points you achieve in the rankings. There are many excellent players who have enrolled, what about you?

Ball control

Every time you touch the ball, the ball will jump higher. The more continuously you click, the higher the ball will bounce. If you want the ball to bounce high, click continuously. If you want to lower the ball's speed, touch the ball slowly. Click on the ball as many times as possible to make it bounce and fall into the basket. If you love basketball you can play Basket & Ball and if you want to play more sports games you can join Soccer Skills World Cup. Don't forget to invite your friends to join dramatic and intense matches.

Your goal in the game

  • No matter what level you are in the game, you need to find a way to throw as many balls into the basket as possible. Your target will appear up high, down low, anywhere in the screen randomly. You need to use the force to throw the ball flexibly and appropriately for each goal. Try to practice your throwing skills well. Adjust the ball's bounce so it doesn't fall out.
  • At first you will easily put the ball into the basket. After reaching a high level, you will have time to put the ball into the basket each time. The level of requirements will be higher and you will need to be more agile when throwing the ball into the basket.
  • Each time you score the ball in the basket you will be moved to a new level with more difficult requirements. If you fail to score the ball into the basket, the game will end immediately. Look at other players' scores as your next motivation. Try to get the highest score possible and register the points you have achieved in the top 10 highest scoring players rankings over time such as day, week and month. Why not show off your basketball playing class right now?