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Baseball Pro


Baseball Pro is an exciting baseball game that helps players become professional baseball players and try to break Major League Baseball records.

Polishing instructions

The object of the game is to hit the ball onto the field and score points. The player can control the batsman using the mouse or keyboard. To hit the ball, the player needs to click the mouse or press the key when the ball is near the batsman. The accuracy of the shot will depend on when the player clicks the mouse or presses the key. The ball is thrown from a mechanical throwing machine and the player must adjust the timing and force of his shot to hit the ball.

If the player hits the ball, they can run around the field to score points. If the player hits the ball out, they will be awarded 4 points. If the batsman is caught, they are out of the shot. Players can gain more points by hitting the ball farther and hitting more balls.

Tips to score more points

  • Focus on hitting the ball accurately. If the player hits the ball incorrectly, the player may be disqualified.
  • Run around the field as fast as possible to score points.
  • Use obstacles on the field to your advantage.