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Basket & Ball


Test your basketball skills

Basket & Ball is an extremely unique and attractive basketball game. Try to control the ball to collect stars and put the ball in the basket to end the level.

Introduction to the game of basketball

The game has a total of 120 attractive levels for you to play. Complete each of the smallest levels and gradually upgrade your football playing level. This basketball game will help you practice your basketball skills and improve your reflexes when controlling the ball. Don't give up and keep practicing to conquer the final level. Perform crazy stunts to show off your basketball skills. Completing each level will improve your ability to play football better. Pay attention to your time and use it wisely. This is truly a great basketball game that anyone should play once.

Your duties

Your task in this game is to control a ball, collect stars along the way, and put the ball into the basket to pass a new level. In the game there will be time for you to complete, try to capture that time to pass them. If you collect enough stars along the way, you will reach the absolute number of stars when completing the mission. You need to complete each level to be able to play the next level, otherwise, you will return to the current level and play until the mission is completed.

How to control the ball

  • Use the spacebar to make the ball bounce.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right.
  • Press the spacebar continuously and quickly to increase the ball's bounce speed higher.

A few tips for you to overcome the challenge

  • In each match, there will be different obstacles to challenge you to reach the finish line. You may have to confront extremely sharp spikes that will kill you if you let the ball fall on these sharp spikes. You don't have much time, so take advantage of it and find ways to get through them safely.
  • Using the spacebar to press multiple times to make the ball jump higher, faster, and stronger will be an advantage if you know how to use it properly. If you overuse this, you may get the opposite result.
  • There are many sharp nails attached to the wall everywhere, you need to pay attention and avoid letting the ball touch. Use your ball assist tools to make the process of getting the ball into the basket easier. You can turn your body into stone to withstand sharp nails.

Attractions of the game


You will be extremely impressed with the beautiful graphics of this game. Bright and flexible colors. The sound is very fun and stimulates players. This creates excitement for players when playing through each challenging level.


The higher you go, the more difficult obstacles you will encounter such as fire, sharp spikes, and the feeling of strong impact. Try to find ways to complete them in the best way. Stay away from the robot police and don't fall into the water.

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