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Oddbods Soccer Challenge


Oddbods Soccer Challenge is a soccer game based on the popular comic book and anime series Oddbods. The game is designed for children with adorable characters.

Information about Oddbods Soccer Challenge

Attractive gameplay

  • There are two attractive preset modes for you to choose from. Each mode will have 30 challenging levels. You will need to complete the mission for each level to unlock the next level. Try to complete the mission well to get three stars after each match. Additionally, you will have two more modes coming soon once you complete all the missions of the previously available modes. Try to unlock them all!
  • This game has quite similar gameplay to Gravity Soccer, you will need to try to help the ball find its way to fall into the net. Find a way to roll the ball past all the stars to get a perfect score. After completing the level you will receive a scorebook, stars, and bonuses.

Cute graphics

The game has more graphic creativity but still retains the uniqueness of the Oddbods characters. The game brings players many unexpected and extremely humorous situations. At each level, there will be a variety of different design styles with many Oddbods characters so players won't get bored when starting a new match.

Find a way to put the ball into the net

  • Your goal is to control the ball in many different positions and try to dribble it into the goal. Please read the instructions carefully before starting each new level. You need to collect all three stars to start a new level. If you let the ball roll out of the playing field, you will have to start the match over. Each level you will have 3-5 turns to play. If you use all five turns and still do not complete the mission, you cannot unlock new missions. Be careful not to let the ball gain momentum too far because you will cause the ball to fly out of the playing field and the game will return to the beginning.
  • During the process of finding your way, you should collect all the stars on the game screen to get the highest score possible. If you reach three stars, you will have the opportunity to unlock more exciting new levels. Use the mouse to drag the ball toward the goal. When you drag it, it will display dashed lines and you can more easily guide the ball into the goal.

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