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Gravity Soccer


Introducing information about Gravity Soccer

Gravity Soccer is an extremely fun, mentally challenging soccer game. You will have to overcome many challenges to dribble the ball into the net. This football game was developed by QKY Games and released on August 10, 2022. The game has a total of 18 different attractive levels in increasing order. You need to complete each level in turn to unlock the next level. Unlike Penalty Kick, you don't need to use too many skills to put the ball into the opponent's net. Instead, you will guide the ball through obstacles to the finish line and find a way to race the ball into the net.

Each level will have new challenges, players constantly use their brains to think and calculate the ball's moves. This is both a sports game and a thinking game that challenges the player's intelligence. Players need to come up with new strategies when starting with a new, increasingly difficult level. You will learn how to align angles and calculate steps in prediction to be able to solve difficult puzzles in this game.

How to put the ball into the net?

How to control the ball

  • In this game, you cannot use the keys to control the ball like in the A Small World Cup game. Instead, pay attention to the position of the stars and grids so you can click on the stones and they will break. The ball will fall freely, thanks to the game's obstacles so you can determine where you want the ball to fall. If you still have no way to put the ball into the net, you can replay that level in the arrow-shaped toolbar in the top right corner.
  • In each level, try your best to find all the stars scattered along the way. If you do not collect all three stars, you will only receive the corresponding number of stars after finishing the game. Try to collect all the missing stars to get the highest score.

Tips for guiding the ball to find its way

  • Remove obstacles in the ball's path to easily guide the ball into the net. Note that the ball can roll when nothing is applied to it. Then you need to play this level again and recalculate your steps. To save time, calculate and observe carefully before doing the challenge. The ball's moves can be planned with your intelligence.
  • Use speed when the ball is rolling and touching obstacles so the ball can move more easily. Don't let the ball stand still because this will make it very difficult to put the ball in the net. Bricks can be obstacles that stop the ball from moving, but they can also create powerful movements when you know how to use them wisely.
  • When you reach level 7, the challenges will become more attractive and there will be more interesting features. You will have more bombs to help guide the ball into the net more easily. Use bombs wisely because they are limited. And the important thing is that these bombs will not be able to explode your balloon.